Corona Protocol

This is a condensed version of the corona protocol. Please consult the full Corona Protocol from the Silverdome found below for a full list of measures.

♦   Access to the rink will be granted 20 minutes prior to the starting time. Each group will have a designated entrance (A or B). Dressing rooms cannot be used, so you must come to and leave the rink in your gear (you can put on your skates inside the building). After the ice time, you must leave the ice rink immediately.

♦    A non-medical face mask is required while playing. We can provide Bauer face masks, these can be purchased during the registration. NO LONGER REQUIRED!

♦   Scrimmages must be played with minimal contact, so no checking, pinning and minimal netfront battles. The focus will be on team play rather than physical play.

♦   You may only use your own equipment and your own water bottle. Be sure to mark your bottle so you can recognize it. You cannot fill your bottle at the rink, so fill it at home.

♦   As always, if you’re feeling sick or have been in contact with a sick person, do not come to the rink. Make sure to keep 1,5m distance to each other as much as possible, and wash your hands with soap regularly!

If you do not follow the corona protocol you may be asked to leave the accommodation or even risk a fine.